How To Create A Group Of Friends In Facebook

Group Of Friend Image facebook

How to make a list group on facebook is very easy, useful to facilitate in search of friends, facilitate to delivery of messages in a group, and make it easier to add friends in the group we have created.

When I created this article, the group lists the maximum capacity of 1000 list of friends in one group.

naming of  group should represent the list of friends in it, for example based on the school, or comunitu, or you can also create group lists by city or state, depending on the condition that you need.

Step 1 : Login to Facebook

Step 2 : Click Menu Friend

Menu Friend Image

Step 3 : Click Create List

Create List Facebook Image

Step 4 : Type Group Name

Type Group Name FaceBook Image

Step 5 : Chose friend by click,that will be member for this group then click create list

Chose Friend List Facebook

Step 6 : Create Group Success

New Group Menu Image

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