How To Create And Save A Copy Or Backup Of Emails

Email back upOne of the most widely used methods of communication today is e-mail. A few years ago was only used by few people, but thanks to the spread of internet, computers and other equipment that enable access to the network as cell phones, besides offering the service companies that provide free e-mail is has become a popular communication media.

Email is used for various purposes, from personal messages, notices, invoices and send files through the attachments. Most of the messages coming through mail is not important, but it also comes with valuable information that we do not want to lose. Digital information is very useful but can be very short, hard disk that contains hundreds of thousands of files can be deleted in seconds. Thats why if you receive a message from the e-mail, you should consider to regularly make a copy or back up of entire contents of the message received. Practically its not difficult, with only two clicks and a few seconds of your time that you spend each week, unless you do not have all this information.

But how to make a backup of the information received by email?
Make a backup of messages received via email, especially depending on the method used to receive messages.

The method used to receive e-mail

There are two main ways to receive and send mail.

  1. Using the web client : Using a web browser to access services that have an email account, free service can currently accommodate the message is received and collected gradually on its servers. In general, they offer a large size and unlimited. An example it email service providers are well-known Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, AOL Mail and others.
  2. Using the email client software : This is a program installed on your computer, the message server are downloaded to the PC every time you make a connection to it and usually the original file will be deleted. This system provides the advantage of having all messages received on your computer and can review them even if no internet connection.

The program used in these cases the familiar Outlook default on Windows XP, Windows Mail on Windows Vista and optional in Windows 7 and Fedora Thunderbird (free client) and many others, including some which is not mentioned are extra or shareware (trial).

How to back up email from the Web client?

The safest way is to download and store important files on our computers in two different locations, of course not the same hard disk. There is an application that provides the ability to download entire contents of your mailbox to your computer, such as GMail Backup allows you to do if you use Google Mail service.

Email backup software

Here are some of the mail client backup software that is often used in windos today. This email backup software application allows you to create copies or backup of email files.  I found this program in Spanish, but it does not matter because its use is quite easy as described here.

To use it, download, unzip it and you just need to double click on file to back up. You can do it regularly, it only takes a few seconds, so you’re sure to have the data and information that safe from accidents that may occur on your computer. If the data is so important, then it is best to have a copy on removable devices.

How to backup email in Windows Mail?

Windows Mail is the default email client in Windows Vista, in Windows 7 for various reasons this application is not included in the operating system. But for those that use, have to download from Microsoft’s servers and will be installed automatically.
The following batch file to back up or backup the contents of the Windows Mail folder that includes messages received, sent, draft, etc.. Folder containing them are the following path :
% USERPROFILE% \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Windows Mail \
Also need the Windows registry that contains the data account created, the original key is located at:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows Mail
When you run the batch file you’ll see two options :

  • When writing the number 1 and hit Enter, it copies the files and stores them in a folder called BACKUP on drive D, if the folder does not exist will be created, if the computer does not have the D drive, will be created BACKUP folder on drive C.
  • When writing the number 2 and press the Enter key will do the reverse, ie the saved files will be restored.

Download batch file to backup the files in Windows Mail

How to backup email in thunderbird?

Thunderbird is an email client software that need to install, it is a free program developed by Mozilla and the most prestigious and used on the Internet. It can be installed in any system, if you’re interested you can download the latest version in the following link: Download Thunderbird
The following batch file you can use to create a backup or backup the entire contents of the file in Thunderbird. The file in this application are in the following directory:
% Userprofile% \ AppData \ Roaming \ Thunderbird \ Profiles
It works the same as the previous batch file, save a backup in a folder named BACKUP in drive D, if none, then it will be in drive C.

Download batch file to backup the files in Thunderbird

The two previous batch files using the command ROBOCOPY, so each time you run the application, just copy new files, ie not overwrite any file that is already in the backup, just copy the latest.

How to backup email in outlook and Outlook Express?

Microsoft Outlook is the email client included with Windows XP, Outlook Express is installed with Microsoft Office package. The following batch file is to create a backup or backup folder of each of the two programs installed on your computer, this support will also include a copy of the address book.

As above, the file is stored in the BACKUP folder in drive D where you can find all the information. In this case the backup is done using the XCOPY command available in Windows XP.

Download batch file to backup the files in Thunderbird

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