How To Create And Save A System Image Or Backup Of Windows 7

Creating identical copies of the file system partition with all operating systems, applications, programs installed and all the data and information of users that can be restored later in case of conflict or serious damage to your hard drive or Windows.Windows 7 system image recovery

Windows gives the user the possibility to make a backup of the system, this image contains only the partition on which Windows is installed, an exact copy of the system. Creating system image allows to restore the entire system when damage occurs seriuspada operating systems, including Windows, system configuration, applications, installed programs and all data and information we have on that partition. You should also know that by default Windows folder in My Documents and My Pictures are in the system partition.

For those who do not know, the partition is a section or part of a hard disk that is created before installing the operating system is in order to have all the file system is, which is a special file for Windows on a separate disk space. In the hard disk you can make two or more partitions, for the operating system are independent unit, but actually share the same hardware.
➨ In earlier operating systems like Windows XP, 10GB (GigaByte) is sufficient for the system partition.
➨ In the Windows 7 and Vista you must have a minimum of 20 to 25 GB, in the modern system is, has a large enough hard drive is no problem.

Advantages of having the OS on a separate partition. You can divide a hard disk into multiple partitions, this is done before installing the operating system using only the installation disk. Diagrams showing two examples of how space can be distributed by dividing a hard disk into multiple partitions,  In the first example the disk capacity is 500 GB (GigaByte).
Separate hard disk partition
There are several advantages of having an operating system installed on a separate partition, including :
1 – If you need to reinstall your system will not harm the data and information found on other partitions.
2 – Serious damage caused by viruses that may require formatting the system disk, does not cause secondary conflicts.
3 – better system performance.
4 – Less fragmentation in a file on disk (fragmentation occurs because of access, constantly writing and deleting files on disk, usually system files)

How to create a windows 7 system image or backup in Windows 7 ?
Open the Control Panel, and open the Backup and restore tool. You can also open it in another way, type or paste in Start or Run box : SDCLT and press the Enter key. In the the right sidebar select “Create a system image.” Wizard will open a window similar to the following image, in which after a quick scan will be available three options to choose where to save images created :windows 7 back up and restore tool

  • On a hard disk : On this tab you can choose between different disk or partition, of course you can not put into the current partition. Choose one with enough free space.
  • On one or more DVDs : Saving images on a disk that can be 4, 5 or more notes depending on the size of system partition. It’s important to install a DVD burner drive.
  • On a network location : Save a copy on another computer on a local network.Save back up option

How to restore the windows 7 system image or backup storage?
It is necessary to restore the image by boot from the Windows installation disk or recovery disk. Follow the steps below.

  • Turn on the computer, insert the installation disk or repair on the DVD drive and press the Reset button to restart and then boot disk.
  • When starting the computer will show the tool “System Recovery Options” on the window above you click on the  “System Image Recovery” option.
  • Follow the wizard.

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