How To Create And Use Remote Desktop Connections In Windows 7

What's Remote Desktop in Windows?The use and operate the computer remotely from another location. Access to all information and execute any program on that computer. Step by step guide to enable, create and configure a connection between two remote computers.

What’s Remote Desktop feature in Windows 7?

Remote Desktop is a Windows utility that allows you to use and fully manage the computer from another location, both near and far, as long as there is connection between them.
Previously this was called Terminal Services, had now become part of the operating system.
This connection can be executed from any of the following connections:
• A network cable
• A wireless or Wi-Fi
• Internet
Remote Desktop on a monitor can display the desktop of the computer are connected, either in a window with a small size, the original size of the computer display, or full screen, it’s possible to feel the same as if we were sitting in front of that computer.
Using Remote Desktop you can use all the programs, applications, files and resources from a remote computer.
The use of remote desktop can be very useful in some situations, you can do a task that usually can only be done directly on a remote computer, here are some practical examples that can be done with remote desktop:
• The use of a desktop PC from a laptop computer in the same household which are both connected by a network cable.
• Access to home computer from office computer, even at a distant location using the internet.
• Access your office PC from home computer or a different location using the internet.

What is the requirements needed to use the Windows 7 Remote Desktop between two computers

Prerequisites for using the Remote Desktop between two computers is:
✔ There must be a functional network connection.
✔ Remote Desktop must be enabled on both computers.
✔ The computer you connect must have permission to connect, to get permission to appear in the list of users, except the Administrator.
✔ The computer that receives the connection to be activated, can not be in a state of suspension or hibernation, so you must configure the Power Options in Control Panel

How to configure Windows 7 Remote Desktop

To start using Remote Desktop, you must configure the computer that receives connections to be established, proceed as follows:Remote setting
• To allow remote connections on a computer that you want to connect, right-click My Computer, Properties to open System.
• Select Remote settings.
• Check the box if it is: “Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer”.
• In the Remote Desktop select the second or third option, in accordance with the security you need for connection to use.
• Click on OK.

It’s important that the devices you need to connect has a password to enable server authentication, in many cases when you install Windows on a computer for personal use, we ignore its use, but for the Remote Desktop connection is needed.
Although not currently used password, you can make it easily.
• For that you can make it through the User Accounts Control Panel and select “Create a password for your account.”

Connect to another computer using windows 7 remote desktop

If you have configured your computer to accept connections and technical conditions for connecting to a computer do the following:
Start Remote Desktop
• Open the Remote Desktop Connection type or enter the start box: mstsc and press the Enter key. You can also create a shortcut on the desktop to facilitate access.
• In Computer, type the name you want to connecting computer or Choose from the list, if available by using the arrow to the right.
The name given to any computer can be seen in the windows system, you can alternatively use the corresponding IP address.
• Before connecting, click on the Options button and make necessary changes in the configuration using the Display tab, Local Resources, Programs, Experience, and Advanced.
• To save these settings and do not need to enter it again, you click on the General tab and then click Save.
Now you can select Connect.

How to improve the performance of windows 7 remote desktop when using a slow connection?

The quality of the connection is achieved between two computers is logically proportional to the speed and bandwidth of the connection that exists between them.
You can use different values in the configuration, reducing the resources that are not critical, such as visual effects can slow down and delay orders and entering the correct representation of the remote computer’s desktop.

 How to improve the performance of Remote Desktop when using a slow connection?To set the required options do the following:
• Open Remote Desktop Connection.
• Now click and then click Performance Options.
• Choose the appropriate connection type, if you’re unsure is gradually testing different speeds until you find the optimum.
• Turns the boxes for the visual effects they want to use or display.
The fewer visual effects are selected, the faster the connection, ie it is advisable on slow connections uncheck all boxes except the last.
• The connection speed may increase somewhat if you select “Persistent Caching bitmaps.”

Conflicts in the connection using Remote Desktop

The Windows Firewall restricts communication between your computer and Internet, to use Remote Desktop Connection may need to configure it to allow the connection.
To create such rules do the following:
• Open the Windows Firewall, for that type or paste in Start or Run: firewall.cpl and press the Enter key.
• In the left pane, you click on Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall.
• Select Change Settings.
• Permitted Under Programs and Features, check the “Remote Desktop” and those that are located on the connection type to use.

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