Improve The Performance Of Remote Desktop

How to improve the performance of Remote Desktop when using a slow connection?

The quality of the connection is achieved between two computers is logically proportional to the speed and bandwidth of the connection that exists between them.
You can use different values ​​in the configuration, reducing the resources that are not critical, such as visual effects can slow down and delay orders and entering the correct representation of the remote computer’s desktop.
To set the required options do the following:

• Open Remote Desktop Connection.
• Now click and then click Performance Options.
• Choose the appropriate connection type, if you’re unsure is gradually testing different speeds until you find the optimum.
• Turns the boxes for the visual effects they want to use or display.
The fewer visual effects are selected, the faster the connection, ie it is advisable on slow connections uncheck all boxes except the last.
• The connection speed may increase somewhat if you select “Persistent Caching bitmaps.”

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