How To Create Virtual Device Daemoon Tool

Daemoon tool is an application used to create virtual drives. its usefulness as an optical drive, commonly used to run programs that require  run using the cd.

Download Daemoontool

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Step 1 : Install Daemoon Tools

Step 2: Create Your cd IMage

Right Click Daemoon Icon

daemoon tools

Step 2 :virtual drive –> Add SCSI virtual drive or Add IDE virtual drive

daemoon tools virtual device

Step 3 : Create Disk Image

Right Click ICon daemoon tool –> Tools –> Make disc Image

create disk Image

Step 4 : Click  Start to  Create Image

start create image daemoon tool

Step 5 : Mount Image

Right Click daemoon tool at corner desktop –> Virtual devices –> SCSI –> mount image

mount image

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