How To Cut MP3 Songs In Windows Easily Using Mp3DirectCut

mp3DirectCutIn this article we will learn how you can make cuts MP3 songs, by taking a file and split the MP3 format, as is the case, for example, when we have a full concert of music into MP3 files. The first thing you do is set up mp3DirectCut software which can be downloaded here.

Installation process – very simple Wizard

This is a simple procedure such as installation in most software, just double click on the “Next” and then the program will be installed. See screenshot:

Open the file in MP3 format – which we want to cut

To open the MP3 file, simply go to the File menu, and click ‘Open’. Finding files on hard disk, select, and then click “Open”.

Do the cutting process – the most important

Well, I could be more explicit. Now we have the software installed and at the same time we have opened for editing MP3 file, now proceed to cut.

For this purpose, all we have to do is select the start and end with two buttons:
These buttons are on the menu “Edit”. When we wanted to mark the start, you must click on the button on the left, and to mark the end of with second button.

Well, we have to do is to click the Play button (Play), so the file starts playing when the time came where we want to cut it as we click the button to mark the start, and keep playing until it reaches a point where we want to mark the end. It’s that simple, see how it would be:

With mp3DirectCut software, we have managed to cut MP3 files. So easy and simple procedure.

Now save Selection to MP3 format that has been completed.

Once you’ve cut the file, go to menu “File” and then “Save Selection” and then write the name of the MP3 file of the song that has been cut.

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