How To Disable Autorun CD By Windows Registry?

CD AutoplayStartup disk can not just start a pretty picture or a movie, but also malicious software (trojans and other viruses). To enhance the security of computer systems, it is better to disable the autorun CD.

To do that follow these steps:
First :

Open Windows Registry Editor
Go to the Windows registry editor: Click Start menu> Run or press Windows + R on your keyboard and then type “regedit”. If it correct Registry editor window will appear.


Autorun RegistryFind the following key in your windows registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ CDRom.

Third :

Edit DWORD ValueIn this directory you can find text Autorun. Double-click on Autorun text, the window will pop up the Edit DWORD Value and change the value ‘1 ‘to ‘0’. Thats all, you should have autorun disabled now.

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