How To Disable The Automatic Restart Windows XP?

Disable Auto RestartBy default, the kernel crashes, windows automatically restarts without displaying error messages caused the failure. To find out what caused a kernel, you need to disable the automatic reboot.

First :

Windows System Properties
Go to the properties of computer systems. To do that, find the My Computer icon (you can find this in the start menu or in windows explorer) right click on My Computer then select Properties. The properties Windows will appear.

Second :

System Properties Advance
In this window locate and click on “Advanced” tab, now you can see on the third row you will find the “Startup and Recovery”, then you can click on the button “Settings”. Now the Startup and recovery window should appear.

Third :

Startup and Recovery setting
In the window that opens (Startup and Recovery), remove the checkmark next to “Automatically restart” and then click “OK.”
Now, when a failure occurs on your computer, then Windows will display a “blue screen” with the error that caused the crash. So you can figure out what to do.

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