How To Edit Price Prestashop

If there is a change in price or we forget to specify the price on the products that we sell, we can edit it later. to edit the price of the product, follow these instructions:

Step 1 : Login to Admin Area PrestaShop

Step 2 : Click Tab Catalog (Top Left Side menu)

Step 3 : Click product Category (where the product grouped)

for example the product that I want to edit are in Category Ladieswear

Category Product Image

Step 4 :Click Product to edit price

New Price Image

Step 5 : Write Price for the product in the Red Circle

Type Price Image

Step 6 : Click Save at the Bottom of the Page

One thought on “How To Edit Price Prestashop

  1. We made all the steps but the price is not updated in PrestaShop. Thanks, very well done teh tutorial

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