How To Error The Database Selection Cannot Be Made.

Error The database selection cannot be made.

This problem is caused by a username or dbname that do not match to the configuration at PrestaShop.

the following steps to fix it:

Step 1 : Login to Cpanel

Login Cpanel

Step 2 : Check Dbname and user name.

Click MySQL DataBases Icon

Cek DBname And User Name

Step 3: Cek DATABASE name and Users name, this data will usefull to setting connection on file,

Remember yours database name dan User name.

Databases and Users

Step 4: Click Home on Footer area


Step 5 : Click File Manager

File Manger

Step 6 : Thick Option Root then Click Go

Root Image

Step 7 : /public_html/config


click Icon Code editor image

Step 8 : click edit when confirmation command apear.

dbname and user name must same with step 3

password same with Cpanel password

Configurasi Image

Step 9 : Top right side click save changes

Save Changes Image

Step 10 : end

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