How To Gmail Picture

Logo Google

Step 1 : Login to Gmail account

Step 2 : Click Setting (top right side gmail page)

Step 3 :General –> mypicture section

Click Select a picture

Gmail My Picture Setting

Step 4 : Click Browse and find picture location in hardisk drive

Gmail Upload Picture

Step 5 :Crop Gmail Picture than click Apply Change

Crop Gmail Picture

Step 6 : chose visible to everyone or only to people I can chat with

then click save changes at the botom menu.

Google picture uploaded

  • Visible to everyone means anyone who you email, or who emails you, can see your picture
  • Visible only to people I can chat with includes users who have been given permission to see when you’re online and to chat with you. You can see a full list of these users from the All Contacts tab of your Contacts page. They’ll be listed with a colored ball next to their name.

Step 7 : Highlight your email address from your friend inbox, that will display your gmail picture

Gmail picture Uploaded

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