How To Google Calender

Everyone will make their daily schedules and often far from their computers when they need information on subsequent activities. Using Google Calender we can get alert via mobile phone from google.

Step#1 : Login To Gmail

If you dont have Gmail Account follow this link to learn how to make it

Step #2 : Click  Google Calender Top left side menu

Google Calender Image

Step#2 : Type data completly then click continue

Form Gmail Calender Image

Step #3 : Click Time Scedule and write event  then click create event

Google Celender Ivent Image

Step #4 : Setting –> Calender Setting

Click tab Mobile Setup

Google Calender Mobile Setup

Step#5 : Enable SMS Alert

Calender SMS Alert Image

Step#6 : Make the “event” on the date and time you want, and add a “reminder” to the SMS, and click “Save”. Events can be made over a specified time period (repeats).
At the time you have set it, your phone will receive SMS notification from Google. Free …!

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