How To Hardware Reset Canon IP1300

Download Resetter IP1300 IP1700, you can find it by browsing in google

Canon General Tool Image

Canon Ink Is Running Low Image

Blink Code : Orange 4 times and grey 1 time that mean ink has run out

Factory standards of canon ink usage is just a one-time use, so after the ink runs out we have to buy a new cartridge. To save money we can refill the catridge. This is to save expenditure.

The error ink has run out, there are two ways to do the reset.
The first way is hardware reset method:

Step 1 :  Turn Off printer

Step 2 : Unplug the printer power cable

Step 3 : press the power button

Step 4 : while pressing the power button plug the power cord

Step 5 : while pressing the power button press the resume button twice

Step 6 : release the pressure from the power button

If Not Success to reset it you can using this tool:

Step 1 : download tool reseter here

Step 2 : Extrax it

Step 3 : Turn On Printer

Step 4 : Click GeneralTool.exe

Step 5 : Select the connected USB port number from USB port

USB Connected tool reseter

Step 6 : Click Lock Release

Tool Reseter Canon Ip1300 lock release

Step 7 : and select the applicable model name in SET DESTINATION

click ip1300 to reset canon ip1300

Ip1300 reseter

Step 8 : Click Device ID

Device ID Canon IP1300 Reseter

Step 9 : Select EEPROM CLEAR
EEPROM clear ip1300 resetter


then click Quit

Main Menu Canon IP1300 Resetter

Step 11 : Try to printing

IP1300 Resetter Success

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