How To Improve Performance Windows Xp (part 1)

If your computer seems slower than it used to be, it probably Over time, computers get slower because files become disorganized and resources are consumed by unnecessary software. Fortunately, Microsoft Windows XP includes tools to clean up your computer and restore its performance. The five steps in this article will explain  you through the use of these tools to tune up your computer.
1. Remove unused programs
The programs take up space on your computer, and some executed in the background without your knowledge. To remove programs you do not use helps to restore your computers performance
To Remove Program :
Step 1 : Log in As Administrator >>> Start >>> Control Panel
remove program
Step 2 : Click Remove Program
add or remove
Step 3 : Currently installed programs list, click the program you want to delete. Then click Remove or Change / Remove ..

There may be programs on your computer that is not used directly, but they are important. (Updating the operating system is an example.) If you are unsure of how a program does not remove it until you are sure that all the things. Some programs can not be removed from Add / Remove Programs. In such cases, spyware as Windows Defender and remove software.

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