How To Increase Disk Space After Windows 7 SP1 Installation

Windows 7 SP1 will make copies of system files during installation, which will reduce disk space. By removing the copy of the file system, we’ll get one gains valuable disk space. Here is How to increase disk space after Windows 7 SP1 installation :
Disk Clean up drive selection

Click the Windows icon, then select “All ProgramsAccessoriesSystem ToolsDisk Cleanup“. In the next window, click “OK“. Disk Cleanup will calculate how much space can be cleaned on drive C.
Clean up system files
In the next window “Clean up system files” click. Next, the Disk Cleanup start again, this time with administrator privileges. Click in the box for the Drive Select “OK“. This program will calculate how much space can be cleaned on drive C.
Calculating disk space
In the next window, put a check in front of “service pack backup file” and click “OK“.

Service pack back up filesIt takes several minutes to clean up. By the way : Normally you will only increase about 530 MB of hard disk space (32-bit SP1) or 920 MB (64-bit SP1). In the editorial, significantly higher values are measured, ie, up to about 2 GB.

With a disk clean up, you can also clean up other files that reduces disk space such as temporary internet files and other. Consequently you will increase more disk space in windows 7.

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