How To Increase Video Card ?

Increased video cardMost of the time computers are quite tolerable. Yes, the hardware is quite well, even when the system builds up a fair amount of mistakes. But sometimes there is a need for at least a little to increase the capacity of a particular component on your computer. You might think that there is no choice but to buy it more powerful versions. In fact, some components can be increased to make them run faster.

To improve the performance of a specific component, use special software to “acceleration”. At the same time modify the “internal clock” hardware, replacing them with the original (initial) values.
You can overclock the processor or memory, but most often this procedure is subjected to the increase video card performance.
Overclocking performed using software control the hardware, the performance that you want to enlarge. Some of the of sale cards are already in the bundle such software: it is written on the accompanying CD-ROM or can be downloaded from the official website of the seller. However, there are two tools that stands out particularly: RivaTuner for the GPU nVidia (GeForce) and ATITool for ATI Radeon. It is important to note also that ATITool is running on the Windows version is not higher than Windows XP, Vista needs to ATITools Beta 2.

The tool above are relatively simple to use, provided that you have the necessary level of technical expertise. They are quite clearly organized, they reflect the special runners overclock. RivaTuner also offers a variety of technical options, such as the ability to customize the system registry, which will provide even greater performance. However, for most runners will provide all the necessary control.

It is also important to know a few things before you implement your attempt to speed up the component. First, the acceleration rate increases not only hardware, but also increases the amount of heat, which he singled out at work. While this is not a problem for most relatively modern graphics cards (within 3-4 years), be aware that too much increase video card in speed can cause damage to components and even need to buy a new computer, even though it is quite unlikely (and do not say I did not warn you!).

Secondly, an attempt to disperse may actually decrease performance if the rate card incremented over the allowable limit of the effective (ie it will run too fast, but it will affect only the quantitative index, but not in quality).
Both of the afore mentioned software tools (RivaTuner and ATITool) include tools to test for hidden bugs and graphical anomalies that can occur if not configured graphics cards. If errors exist in some quantity, then the velocity component incremented excessively, and to reduce it to a safe level, to ensure better performance and protect yourself from having to buy a video card again.

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