How To Install Firefox Persona Skins

Customize your Firefox browser appearance using Firefox persona skin. It’s very easy, free and of course so cool… 🙂

Here the appearance of my Firefox browser:
firefox persona skin preview
I love nature photography, so i have installed many nature persona skin into my Firefox internet browser.

Then, how to install Firefox persona skins..? Here, I’ll give you the fastest way to install Firefox persona skin.
1. Go to this site: Here the web preview:

firefox persona skin

2. Find your favorite persona skin, select the category. Follow me…! go to this page for nature persona skin. 🙂
select firefox persona skin

3. Point your mouse pointer over the persona skin. The menus: “Wear it” and “Details” will appear immediately. Select “Wear It” to install and activate the selected persona skin. You’re done install and activate the persona skin, you can install other persona skins using the same step as previous step.
wear it - install firefox persona skin

Additional step: Check the installed Firefox Persona Skin from menu: Tools > Addon. Go to appearance page. You’re able change, enable/disable and remove the installed persona skins from there.
firefox appearance

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