How To Install Modul PingBox

Pingbox is one of the yahoo service, useful for communication with customers who need information about the products we sell.

With Pingbox, yahoo account is not required from customers to be able to chat with customer service.

Send and receive instant messages from visitors when you sign into Messenger. The conversation between you and every visitor Pingbox not visible to others.

Download modul pingbox here

Step 1 : Go to Back Office Prestashop

Step 2 : Click Tab Module

Step 3 : Click Add New Module

Step 4 : Browse Module Pingbox location then Click Upload this module

PingBox Image

Step 5 : Install PingBox

Install PingBox Module Image

Step 6 : Go to front page, Click at the cornerĀ  red mark.

PingBox Image

Step 7 : Click Get Yahoo Messenger PingBox

Get PingBox Image

Step 8 : Chose Theme then lick save

PingBox Theme Image

Step 9 : Login to Yahoo

Login YM Image

Step 10 : Copy PingBox Code

recommended size for prestashop 180 x 420

PingBox Code Copy Image

Step 11 : Edit pingbox module

Login to cpanel hosting –> File Manager

File Manager Image

Step 11 : Go to folder /public_html/modules/onlinehelppingbox

edit File onlinehelppingbox.tpl

paste code from step 10



Paste Code PingBox

Login to your YM ID same as ID that you register to pingbox,, wheb visitor type some thing in pingbox the massages will send to your ym

Front Page PingBoxYM PingBox Image

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