How To Install Plugin STT2

Installing plugin SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2 from your dashboard

This plugin function  is to record keyword that people typed in search engines to reach our article. And these keywords will be displayed below the article or in the sidebar. Gives a chance whether the collection can be keyword relevant anchor text to the article, or to search, or not at all given the anchor text. The hope with a collection of collection of these keywords will increase the quality of SEO by providing inbound links. Written on the keywords are keywords that people typed in search engines, so of course could make it automatically add keywords.

Step #1 : Login ke wordpress

Step #2 : Click Plugin menu on the left side of the page

Click Plugin

Step #3 : Click  Add new menu

Add New

Step #4 : Type  search term tagging in the  write serch then click Install Now


Step #5 : Click Activate Plugin

Click Active Plugin

Step #6 : Setting Plugin, For setting up the plugins, in the left sidebar of your dashboard tab under “Settings”. Then search for “SEO Searchterms 2” and click it.

Step # 7: Plugin register. Type yours name and email address then click register

Register Plugin

Step #8 : Open yours email then  Click on the link in the email

Open Email

Step #9 :Click link register

link register

Step #10 :acivation message from web

link actived

Step #11 : Back to wordpress admin area, click verivy and activate

Step #11 : Click under Setting Menu on the left side page. Setting Menu — SEO searh Term 2

serch term

Step #12 :  setting as shown below then click save changes

Setting STT2

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