How To Install PrestaShop

Before using PrestaShop we must do the first installation to the webhosting. There are several ways to do it, offline or online in web server the  place we rented hosting. This tutorial I will show how to install  online method.

Step #1 : Login To domain Panel

Step #2 : Click Menu File Manager

File Manager Image

Step #3 :Click Go  Derectory selection massage

Derectory Selection Image

Step #4 : Tick –> click Extract

If not found , you must upload it first…how to upload

extrax Prestashop Image

Step #5 : Click Extrax File in Extrax message

Extrax Message Image

Step #6 : Extraxt Result click close

Extrax Result Image

Step #7 : double Click Folder Presta

PrestaShop Folder Image

Step #8 : Click Select All and drag file to left side folder Public_HTML

Select All Image

Step #9 : Type your

Type URL Image

Step #10 : Click Next

installer Step 1

PrestaShop Installer Step 1

Step #10 :Click Next

Installer Step 2, here to setting register global off

PrestaShop Installer Step 2 Image

Step #11 : Back to your cpanel

create database name

DBwizard Image

Step #12 : Type DB Name then Click Next Step

Create DB Name Step 1 Image

Step #13 : Type User Name and Password then  Click Create User

DB User Image

Step #14 :Remember!!

user name



information above will usefull to database configuration later at step 15

INfo DB image

Step #15 : Back to Tab Prestshop at browser

PrestaShop Tab Image

Step #16 : Type

DB name : base on information step 15

Login : base on information step 15

Password: base on information step 15

Then click Next

If found Error message :

Database server was not found. Please verify the login, password, and database server name fields.


Database Server is available but database is not found

follow this step to resolve it

DB Connected

Step #17 :Found Message Database Is Connected click Next

PrestaShop Next Step Image

Step #18 :Type information about your store — Click Next

Shop Configuration Image

Step #19 :Installation Complete

WARNING: For more security, you must delete the ‘install’ folder and readme files (readme_fr.txt, readme_en.txt, readme_es.txt).

Install Complete Image

Step #20: Go to Cpnel —  Click File Manager

CPanel File Manager

Step #21 : Chose Root — Click Go

Root File Manager Image

Step #22 : Tick ‘install  folder and readme files (readme_fr.txt, readme_en.txt, readme_es.txt).

Click  Delete Icon

Delete Icon Image
Install Folder Image
Tick Readme File Image

Step #23 : Click Delete

Delete Confirmation Image

Step #24 : Type your shop  URL domain in browser

Your Shop Url Image

Congratulations  PrestaShop Success

Next Tutorial I will Explain how to Manage and Custom It

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