How To Make Twins Effect In Photoshop

This Photoshop tutorial is about how to make multiplying technique. We use a tripot, camera and computer software (Photoshop).If you haven’t atripot, make a a holder / place for the camera, it for static moving.

Show time………….
1. First, take 2, 3 pictures or more, but for example use two photos which can make twin effect. This model use other person, or it can use your photo.
Photo 1:

Person Who Don't Use a Hat

Photo 2:

Person Who  Use a Hat

Function of triport is to take nice angle same location of the photo. And this is tripot image:


2. Move photos file which taken to the computer /or laptop, and open the image with Photoshop. It can use any Photoshop version, from 7 to CS5.

3. Move photo 2 to photo 1 with “Move Tool”.

Use Move Tool

4. Change “Blending Mode” into Screen Mode at Layer 1 for transparan view.

Change Blending Mode

5. Use Erase Tool.

Use Erase Tool

6. Erase Photo 1 (person who don’t use a hat) with carefully, don’t touch other photo (person who use a hat).

Erase Photo

7.  Change again “Blending Mode” into Normal Mode. And finally, like a twin brother. This is just a simple sample, you can use your imagination to make other image. Let’s try.

Result of Editing

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