How To Move Services Domain Name

Move services domain less than 24H. Its Easy to do.

Move Service domain  is move domain hosting services from place A to place B, it is probably because the service provider’s hosting of the old domain name carenya less.To move the service at no cost.

Move service not take long time  still in the sama regisrar.  move domain from one register to another is Transfer.Domain, It nearly a week.

Domain must be Unlock before move services.

Step #1 : Check Yours Email  inbox that you have register in domain hosting.

Find Out Url to login domain panel

type username : Email address

password: your password (you change it later)

Email InBox Image

Step #2 : Login to Doman Panel

Login To Domain Panel Image

Step #3 : Klik domain -> List all Order

List All Order Domain Panel Image

Step #4 : Klik domain name

Doman Name Image

Step #5 : Click Move Services, make sure your domain is unlock

Move Services Image

Step #6 :Confirm your regist id and username to new provider. They will check it at they database.

this admin domain panel manager capture from domain hosting provider

Admin Domain Panel Manger Image

Step #7 : Fill  data Customer ID and customer Username then click move service to new control panel

customer ID: ask to your new provider

customer username: your email address (confirm to your new provider)

Data Move Service Image

Step #8 :Click Confirm to confirmation

Confirm Transfer Image

Step #9 : Move service Success

Move Service Success Image

Next Confirn to your new Provider to Follow Up.

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