How TO Organize Files And Folders Windows XP

The computer puts the information at hand. Over time, but you can have multiple files can be difficult to find the file you need. Just like a physical store, computer files can benefit from better organization.

Create Folder Structure


  • Movie : Related with movie or your movie colection
  • Work : Your work document
  • Ebook : Related with your digital book
  • School : Your class note,home work
  • Finances : Related with your budget and taxes

How To Create Folder Structure

Step 1 : Start >> Mydocument


Step 2 : File >> New >> Folder.

create folder

Step 3 : Write  your new folder name >> enter.

folder name

Once you have created your directory structure, you can move files to new folders

Step 4 : Edit >> Cut

edit and cut

Step 5 : Edit >> Paste


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