How To Protect Yourself From Spam?

Stop spamYou get an e-mail every day with a large number of proposals to win money or haggling? So, you are exposed to spam attacks, and as soon as possible to stop this endless email.
But how to secure your computer, because the e-mail spam are lurking in every time?

If there is no spam
The first step is better to have multiple e-mail boxes, and one of them to a paid hosting for a guaranteed protection of their information. The advantages of this pay-box in that condition due to the representative, and subject to little care, your address to spammers does not fit. And if you need to subscribe to a subscription, or mailing lists, just come in handy second mailbox. Its possible to get free hosting. If you are afraid of a large number of mailboxes, don’t worry, you can use special mailers to control them easier.

Name for the mailbox, too, must be chosen properly. For example, better than

If you already have a spam
Email spamIf you have already completely bogged down in spam, especially, we must begin to distribute the flow of incoming messages to other boxes, namely, personal correspondence and mailings. Then, set the mail program (if you have not already installed) and anti-spam filter. After some time, based on your marks, it will monitor your mail and filter spam. By installing anti-spam filter, you can select all the necessary conditions for security and peace of mind. But do not abuse the terms of filtering, you do not accidentally miss an important message. Also, for security, you can create a “black” and “white” lists that will help not to delete an important letter by accident.

If you are constantly moving with spam advertising a product or project, feel free to submit letter of complaint to the management of the project. Also, you can calculate the IP-address of the spammer and tell on him by his ISP. And if national legislation allows, you can generally apply for a spammer to court.
And you should remember one simple rule: Do not click on links that you impose and do not respond to messages spammers, as their cries You bring them profits and encourage them to work. And more so, in this case, your address once it becomes effective for spam.

In any case, if you are being attacked by spam, not mirites with the situation, declare war on spam!

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