How To Recover Deleted Files And Documents On Your Hard Disk

Free application that allows you to save and restore any file in Windows, after being accidentally deleted, even if it was removed from the Recycle Bin using Shift + Delete keys or was deleted in MSDOS. Step by step method to perform the task and link for free download of the application.

Recover deleted filesIt is possible to recover files or documents that have been removed in Windows intentionally or accidentally. No matter that the file has been deleted from the Recycle Bin, or using a command in the MSDOS, which usually does not allow the recovery options. This article will explain how to resolve these issues and fully recover deleted files.

There are many professional services that can recover data from hard disk, but it is usually very expensive. From this page you can download a small application that does this job well and does not require advanced knowledge to use. Just read carefully, download the program and lalkukan as instructed, then it is possible you will recover deleted files.

How can you recover deleted files?

When you delete a file in Windows, the information is is not deleted completely from the hard disk, thus eliminating the time that the reference to that data in the index, all the file information remains intact until it is overwritten when copying new data to disk.

How it works The process of deleting a file?

A hard disk consists of thousands of cluster, a kind of small cells or room in which information is recorded. When writing a file on disk is divided into sections, each written in a different cluster (measured 512 bytes), which is not necessarily contiguous, can spread across the disk structure.

How can this “puzzle” know the position and sequence of all the clusters that form a file?

The information to build the “puzzle” is registered in the MFT (Master File Table) kind of record of the contents of the disc is found in the first sectors and is similar to the index of a giant book containing exactly the number of the page we need and how to get there. When viewing a file in Windows Explorer what we are seeing is the data that shows the MFT.

For example, we have a file named computerhowto.txt its size is only 2 kb so it is divided into 4 clusters, the MFT contains the exact number of disk sector where the first cluster, this in turn contains recorded sector number where the cluster that follows, and other information to ensure proper assemble and so on.

When you open the explorer to the folder containing the files, we only see information that shows MFT, give two-click on file, the disk head moves quickly into 4 clusters and read in the order required, of course this is done at high speed so that we see information contained in the computerhowto.txt instantly.

What if we remove computerhowto.txt file?

By removing and emptied the recycle bin computerhowto.txt will disappear from the existing references in the MFT, so now will be reported to Windows as free space and is available to record the necessary information on it.
While the cluster still contains the data files intact and continued there until you write the new information on it, which can occur in a few moments, in a few days or months.

How this recovery program work?

What is data recovery program, it will scan the disk surface to locate the file that there is no reference in the MFT, which is an index that has been deleted, will then be shown a list of files and choose files to be restored.

How long will the information deleted from the disk is still intact?, It is impossible to know or predict possible from minutes to months. Windows continues to perform the operation of read / write in disk so it does not appear to us, because the processes and services of the system, so it is possible to delete the file a valuable, if it is not possible because of the recovery of deleted files have been overwritten.

What applications or programs used to recover deleted data?

Windows does not include the tools to recover data deleted, but we can look for the internet and find that most of this recovery software is not free. But I found a little application (196KB) is free software, and free for anyone to use, it is not required to install, even faster than many paid programs, download the following link. DataRecovery.

How to recover deleted files with DataRecovery?
To use the application DataRecovery only requires two conditions:

  1. Copy the application to a disk other than where the file is recovered. Not a different partition but different physical disks. If your PC has only one hard drive installed, select another location such as a removable drive (flash memory or external hard drive)
  2. The file to recovered must be saved to a disk different from the original location.

Datarecovery softwareAll you need to do is click on three locations, see the following picture and follow the steps.

  1. Select the drive letter where the files will be recovered.
  2. Press the Scan button to start the search the disk. After scanning the disk is finished (delayed by disk size) if you know the name of the file type in the Filename box and press Enter. If you do not know or want to explore to see all the deleted files that available to restore, you click on the top of the column to sort by file name.
  3. Once you find and choose a file to be recovered press the Recover button.

That’s it, you’ll have a file or document back, hopefully intact.

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