How To Recover Deleted Files And Folders In Windows?

Small data recovery freewareThis is another Data Recovery made by Tokiwa  from Japan. The program is intended to recover accidentally deleted data on your hard disk even from the recycle bin. The program is very easy to use and in small size about 200kb. It only takes three steps to recover your data :

1. Click on the Drive That you Want to scan for deleted Files
2. Click on Scan Files button and wait.
3. You can wipe the file to completely prevent Recovery from by using the Wipe button or you can Recover the deleted file by Clicking the Recovery button .

Data Recovery Features :
* FAT12 , FAT16 , FAT32 , NTFS Undeletion
* undelete NTFS compressed Files
* undelete EFS encrypted Files
* wipe out deleted Files to be Recovered Never again
* Able to run from Floppy disk
* search by partial string in the file name
* Whole undelete Files in a Directory
* undelete multiple Files by Selecting Them with Shift / Ctrl Key
* Sort items by Clicking Displayed column headers
* neither Installation NOR DLLs is Needed
* Windows Vista supported ( The wipe function will not work on Windows Vista due to Windows Vista built-in file Protection )

Note: Always install the data recovery program on another hard disk drive or flash drive, when you’ve selected the file to recover, make sure you DON’T save it on the same drive because there is a chance that it will overwrite it before you completely recover the file.

Download Data Recovery here.

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