How To Repair Windows XP / 7 From Viruses Without Formatting

Clean virus without formattingIts very annoying indeed when we are faced with the computers which infected from viruses, some people might immediately think to format it. And the problem will be completed.

But often the user (or client) does not want to reformat their computer for reasons we can’t change, for example, has a management system which the installation is for a single license with a limited time. In that case, you can restore  Windows without formatting, using the steps below :

Remove all processes that start with Windows

Although this step does not seem right, but you must disable any process that starts with Windows, so they do not interfere with execution of this procedure, because there is often sneak viruses or malwares in your PC.Disable start up program with CCleaner
And to do this, I recommend CCleaner, install and open CCleaner and go to the menu “Tools”, find an option called “Startup, where we will remove all processes that start with Windows.

Once you apply this simple step, restart the computer.

Uninstall unnecessary programs like antivirus, toolbars, and so on

With CCleaner, click on the tab “Uninstall”, now remove the programs which we do not need, such as:
Antivirus: Yes, even this is illogical, you need to do what this guide will explain, we need to uninstall completely to avoid interfere with the process, and let the tool works.

Toolbar: A lot of software installed toolbar makes your PC slow, that’s why I recommend you uninstall them without exception

Clearly, once we have removed a series of unnecessary things, let the computer reboot again to continue to implement the third step, which is the most important, because with it, we will remove viruses, and the things that affect

Run a program such as HijackThis, ComboFix and Malwarebytes Anti-malware

This time you will be using the three programs below. You can have this software for free, I will show you where you can download it:

HijackThis : A tool which search for changes in the system caused by viruses and malware, after you do the analysis, it recommended that you check marks everything and fix it. This will not affect device performance, it is completely clean your system. It is compatible with most Windows (7, Vista, XP, etc.), This software is free. You can download here.

ComboFix : This is a super comprehensive program that cleans your system from all types of malware, viruses, spyware, rootkits, etc., automatically execute a series of automated commands, this is the best program available, and always working, this has been tried and has never failed me. It is free from viruses and any other problems that affect Windows, 100% reliable, and it is absolutely free.

Malwarebytes Anti-malware : This is perfect for providing cleaning viruses on our computer, detects malware, viruses, and all things related and you can download it it for free from their own official website

It should be noted that it recommends that runs in the sequence from steps above. Only if asked to restart the computer, restart, but others are not. You can reboot the PC, just as a test from all the above programs is completed. Then, when the system boots, it will be almost free from viruses and you must implement the next step.

Clean the Windows registry with Argente Registry Cleaner

In this steps we’re cleaning the windows registry but we can not do as thorough of the Windows registry. This is because the system registry is a database where information is stored that will make changes to your PC, as a key (or “word”), with a structure that I think is quite susceptible.

It is for this reason, it is very important for clean up invalid registry entries, so the operation of the computer is the best. And for this, I highly recommend, for use an application called Argente Registry Cleaner. Is a free program in Spanish. You can download it here.

Do maintenance to the computer using CCleaner

Well, after you clean the Windows Registry, fixing the invalid entries, we will now proceed for do the maintenance for Windows with CCleaner. CCleaner has become my favorite and most recommended programs in this case due for clean up unnecessary files on the operating system.
Install a good antivirus and update every day for prevention.

And to finish this article, I recommend installing a good antivirus update for now. In my case, I use Avira AntiVir, which I think is the best. In this post I talked about all the benefits of the program and its salient features.antivir

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  1. For the previous several hours I’ve been attempting to remove malware from my laptop. I ‘m having a difficult time having it eliminated. I question if you have better ideas (no cost software) on just how to have it performed.

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