Fix Canon MP258 Error 5200 Or P08

error 5200

Indicator appears blinking lights on the printer ” P,O, 8″ (P08). That Mean The print head temperature above the specified value. You can replace the ink cartridge or refill the cartridge. This tutorial is for MP258/MP250 but it might be working for other type like MP270 series or MP198 series.

Step to resolve this error

Step 1 : Turn Off Printer

Step 2 : Remove Cartridge

Step 3 : Refilling the cartridge

Step 4 : Reinstall the cartridge

Step 5 : Turn The printer ON

If it still does not work you can use the following methods

How To Reset MP 258 error 5200

Step 1 : The printer is off and plug the power cord.

Step 2 : Press the button STOP / RESET and hold, then press and hold the POWER button

Step 3 : POWER button still  press, release the STOP / RESET, then press the STOP / RESET 2 times in a state of the power button is pressed.

Step 4 : Release both buttons simultaneously

Step 5 : The printer will proceed in a while (a while), then the LCD panel will show the number zero (0)

Step 6 : Computer will detect NEW DEVICE, Ignore it…

Step 7 : Press the power button, then the printer will turn off

Step 8 : Press the power button again, then the printer will be  ready to use

46 thoughts on “Fix Canon MP258 Error 5200 Or P08

  1. i can print now. but the ink level is still detected on my pc as a low ink level even my cartridges are full of ink. maybe because i only refilled my ink cartridges. is there any way to reset the ink level of my pixma canon 258 even i used refill cartridges? Thanks in advance

  2. service error 5100.
    cancel printing and tum the printer off and
    then on again.
    if this doesnt clear the error. see the printer
    manual for more detail.

  3. My cannon pixma 258 is giving error no 5200. Pls tell me they how this error will clear

  4. It worked for me and saved me from the headache of carrying the printer to the service center. I don’t know why these instructions are not part of the usage guide that is provided as part of the printer??

    Thanks a Ton.

  5. thanx it really worked for me. was stuck with it past two days but now all is fine. It saved me from the headache of carrying the printer to the service center. thanx again 🙂

  6. i do this task that you gave to me but my printer is blinking what i am have supposed to do to solve my problem please help me thanks.

  7. thanks. its working.
    i have refilled my black ink cartridge but it is not printing anything
    plz help.

  8. My printer has the same problem. Currently, the colour ink is empty but black ink still there. I tried the reset method but cannot solve. I called the CANON SERVICE CENTER and told them the problem and they told me it’s a hardware problem, and I must bring the printer down to them to fix it.

    After reading the web that this is a cartridge problem, I went and bought a new colour ink to replace the old empty one, still keeping my black cartridge.

    It works, now it can print both colour and black well.

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