How To Reset Ink Level On Canon Printer MX300

Each print a document or image, then the level of ink in the cartridge will be reduced and a time will run out. Maybe you can refill the printer cartridges, but your computer will continue to detect that the cartridge is empty, and your printer will not print any documents.

If the conditions are like that, then there are only two options. The first is to replace the cartridge with a new one, and the second with a refill cartridge and then reset the cartridge ink levels.

canon printer mx308

For the first option, of course will require substantial money for buying two cartridges.

For the second option, of course you do not need to spend lots of money. You simply refill your printer cartridges and then take steps to reset the ink levels as follows:

  1. Switch off the Canon MX300 and disconnect the power cable.
  2. While press and hold the power button, Connect the power cable to electric socket.
  3. While pressing the power button, press the “Cancel/Stop” button (red button).
  4. Now release the power button and the printer turns into a kind of factory mode. Wait for 10 seconds until it says “idle”.
  5. Press “>” (next button) once “Shipping Mode 3″ then Press the “OK” button. Press “OK” again for “without cleaning”.
  6. A test page will print.
  7. Open the cover, like you are about to change the cartridges.
  8. Disconnect the power cable again without switch off the printer.
  9. Take out the both cartridges.
  10. Close the cover.
  11. Connect the power cable and turn on the printer.
  12. Now just put the cartridges back and the ink level in the canon Pixma MX300 have full again.
  13. Resetting printer from printer’s display

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