How To Restore Broken Pixels On The LCD Monitor

JScreenfixRestoration of broken pixels on the LCD monitor (colored points on the monitor does not change their color when displaying pictures)

Many of the monitor when you buy a 1 or a few luminous points in one color, regardless of what the picture on the monitor, ie, in fact, one or more pixels the monitor refuses to change its color and participate in building the image. It happens that this problem happens later rather than immediately after the purchase, in any case was not previously known method to fix the problem at hand in ways that have not yet appeared here a miracle tool JScreenFix-Fix stuck pixels.

How it works: Go to the site JScreenFix-Fix stuck pixels directly on the site and click the button ┬źLaunch JScreenFix┬╗. Open a window filled with pixels that constantly change color. This box should work in an average of 10-30 minutes, then very likely that your treatment will be effective. Put this box on broken pixel and wait, I myself waited for 30 minutes every 3 minutes checking whether the pixel has recovered, after 15-20 minutes, a miracle happened, I advise you not to twitch so often leave At least 10-15 minutes and there already and see , earlier still unlikely to get his treat:)

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