How To Restore The System With Winlogon.exe Error

Windows logonWinlogon – a process that is responsible for the entering and exiting of Windows. With file Winlogon.exe many hackers successfully disguise viruses, Trojans. Type text or a website address or translate a document. And easily find your personal login and password. Then load their software and find other information about the websites you visit for other services such as OpenID or WebMoney.

Winlogon error typically looks like this :
Winlogon error

In 99% of all errors that may be associated with the virus Winlogon process (1% of the human factor).

Since Winlogon.exe have a big vulnerability, and consequences can be significant, we consider the possibility of errors Winlogon and ways to deal with it.

Examples of errors and it solutions

Note : As described below all errors are caused by the activity of viruses, before the problem, it is necessary to completely clean all partitions and drives from viruses with antivirus software. It is best to connect the drive to another computer or boot from a different system to completely clean an infected disk from viruses. Also to clean viruses, you can load a boot disk with the LiveCD and cleaned viruses off-line.

Error: Could not find component in most text error – not found sfc_os.dll.

Solution: The problem is clearly damage in Winlogon.exe, and library sfc_os.dll. In this file, try to eliminate the virus, so we will recover. We clean up viruses, and then restore Winlogon.exe and sfc_os.dll. With a boot disk or just download the direct link to the blog (download) and copy it to your system drive, the default path – C: \ Windows \ system32 \. All the system should work now without the annoying error Winlogon. There is a possibility that my winlogon file, would not be suitable for your winlogon file. So the error persists and you have to copy from your Windows installation CD.

Error: Application Error Winlogon.exe memory can not be read

Memory could not be read winlogon error

The solution : Quite a common problem. Since there is no universal method for solving the problem. Before use, clean your computer from viruses.

  1. 1. Open the Start menu – Run and type the command sfc / scannow. This is a Windows file system integrity test. To test successfully, should be inserted into Windows bootable drive. In the case of error, the file will be replaced.
  2. If you check the integrity of the file does not help, you can use autoruns program (found on Google). This program has the Winlogon tab, where you can check all the files associated with this process. All empty and there is no valid file *. etc. (with a question for example) need to be replaced. By the way, this way, even if not always, but it helps in many cases, when an error occurs.
  3. In this method similar to the solution of the 1st mistake. You can load the system via the LiveCD, to clean the virus and replace Winlogon.exe (download here).

By the way, errors : memory can not be read or written is not always caused by viruses. And it is not always this error is connected with the process Winlogon.exe.

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