How To Send Gmail

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One of the facilities  is sent gmail emails,  howto send gmail emails  as follows step :

Step 1 : Login to Gmail account

type your username dan password

Login TO Gmail

Step 2 :  Click Compose to write email

Compose Gmail

Step 3 : Menu number below is basic menu in gmail to send email

number 2,To : type the distination address, if more then one address separated by coma

Menu number 3 :CC (Carbon Copy)
e-mail will be visible to whom primary email addressed, and to whom a copy of the email will also be read. Recipients listed in the To: field will be able to see the other recipient’s email address, and vice versa. The use of this kind usually used when we want to inform the other party when we send emails to the primary recipients.

BCC (Blind Carbon Copy)
Slightly different from the Cc: as described above. Here, all recipients are written section Bcc: do not know to whom the email is actually sent. As if, the email is actually sent one by one to each recipient. In fact, we only sent one time, directly to several recipients. The only other email address is visible is the email address in the To: field. To avoid so that no other email addresses that look (other than your own email address), you can enter your own email address in the To: field, then enter the email address of other recipients in the Bcc: field.

Menu 5 (subject) type title of your email

Menu 6 (attach a file), you can send email and send data with your email.

Menu 7 ( email content)

and last click menu send to send your email

Gmail Interface

Step 4 : Email sent Success

Sent Email Success

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