How To Simulate Realistic Curtains In 3dsmax

3D curtainIn the program there are lots of ways to 3dmaks modeling curtains. But most of them have a flaw – not realistic and does not fold is physical. This is how to make realistic curtains in 3dsmax.

Step One

3D curtain step 1
First. What we do – we build in front viewport object rectangle (rectangle)

Step Two

3D curtain step 2
After that we apply to our object modifier garmentmaker. After applying a modifier, click “Meshit”. Options modifier can not be changed, but if you choose, keep in mind that the closer the perimeter of the unit, the more polygons on the surface of our quadrilateral

Step Three

3D curtain step 3
Then build two primitive (2 box) at a level which should be located curtains and lace curtains. Crosses the curtain the curtain or not does not matter

Step Four

3D curtain step 4
After that, select in turn each box and move their focus to one side

Step Five

3D curtain step 5
Next, you should enable the Auto keys and scaled animation, each box in turn, compressing it to one side

Step Six

3D curtain step 6
After that, you want to bind the top fabric to the object box. This is done by the method of modifying a curtain cloth, then in the modifier can bind our facilities

Step Seven

3D curtain step 7
After this, by first selecting a canvas curtain, assign each object properties through modifier cloth. Curtains for setting cloth, boxes for setting inactive

Step Eight

3D curtain step 8
Now we have configured all the parameters and properties assigned to all objects. It remains only to simulate modifier button and wait for the miscalculation.

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