How To Solve Computer Hangs Due To Usb Flash Drive

Computer problem due usb flash drive“When you connect the USB drive to any USB port on your computer, the computer just hangs perfectly still and only helps the button Reset, nothing else is not responding. This happens with any USB drive connected to your computer. USB Flash Drive 100% Working.”

Then how do you solve this problem :
This often occurs due to lack of supply, for example if you have cable “extension USB”, if it worked before then it is likely that the power supply just sat down, it happens, if you can connect other Usb ports on the back panel, try using a flash drive through them.

About the fact that it is possible to write a virus I do not want the first action after a problem has to be a full computer scan for viruses. You can also reinstall the drivers for chipset Usb, they lie on the disk that came with the motherboard, well, or download them from the site of motherboard.

And remember, the maximum length of cable is not causing problems with USB devices is 1.5 meters. Do not use the Usb-cable of greater length.

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