How To Speed Up Loading Pages With Mozilla Firefox Plugins

Speed up Many of you probably already fed up with annoying ads on the Internet, which slows down, and loads the PC in this guide I will tell you how to fight it. Here is How to speed up loading pages :

The first step to speed up loading of pages is to block ads on the page with this plugin called adblock plus, you can download it here

The second step to speed up page loading is to disable unnecessary Flash which slows down the system, to do this you can use Firefox plug-in, called Flashblock, you can download it here To view Flash you just need to click your left mouse button.

The third step. NoScript plug-in also speeds up page loading by blocking scripts are frequently used sites for display advertising, but disable scripting functionality of the site can not work and then have to resolve scripts on this site to complete the work. You can download it here

+ Bonus
for racing videos from various sites you can use plug-in Flash Video Downloader, which can be downloaded here
Just a lot of other Internet plug-ins that will help you in working with the Internet, but do not forget that too many plug-ins also inhibit the browser, so try to choose only the most necessary and then you will be happy.

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