How To Speed Up Windows XP Startup

Fast startupI do not know why? But I found that Windows XP computers using only one core at boot time. If you want your windows xp is faster at start-up, you must change it, this is very easy. Here’s how:

Step One

Run windows
Go to start menu program
On the right column click on the run menu. (Or you can press your keyboard keys Windwos + R)

Step Two

Type msconfig
In the next step typed msconfig in the text box, then click OK.

Step Three

System Configuration Utility
The new window will pop up the System Configuration Utility, select the boot.ini tab, then click advanced options.

Step Four

BOOT.INI Advanced Options
Give a check mark on the left NUMPROC and fill in the number of core with two.

Step Five

Click Restart
A window will appear to change the system, press the “restart” and you’re done.

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