How To Treat The New, Refilled And Remanufactured Cartridges ?

Printer cartridgeIn this article I will share some Instructions how to treat the new, refilled and remanufactured cartridges. Maybe these instructions can help you:

1. Remember, the cartridge is quite complex, requiring appropriate treatment device.

2. Before using a new cartridge, look at the pictures located on the packaging. They will help you avoid many problems and properly install the cartridge.

3. Initially, and after use, the cartridge must be stored in a dry place inaccessible (black bag is always included), preferably in a horizontal position.

4. If you decide to re-fill the cartridge, before visiting the service center, do not forget to attach to each of the cartridges “test page”. A test page is the last printed using this cartridge, sheet, reflecting the need for refilling the toner, drum replacement, repair, etc. This information will help to draw the appropriate conclusions and save you from unnecessary costs. In the absence of “Test Page”, there may be additional works.

5. On average, the cartridges from laser printers are suitable for refilling from 10 to 25 cycles, based on operating conditions. Replace photoconductor should be conducted every 2-3 toner refilling.

6. Try if possible to have a replacement cartridge for each printer, it will prevent gaps in your work.

7. Remember that the powder located in the cartridge is toxic. Therefore, contact with the print cartridge must be with caution. Shaking and banging on the cartridge is not advised, because microparticles toner, trapped in your lungs, it is extremely harmful to health in general and not worth the extra ten printed pages of text …

8. Do not open the cartridge yourself, you areĀ  still can not qualified to fill it.

Maybe that’s what I know about How to treat the new, refilled and remanufactured cartridges, if anyone has any more experience and want to share, please write on comments below.

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