How To Try Other Operating Systems Without Installing It ?

Virtual BoxHave you installed the operating system Windows? But you want to try other OS, but do not want to demolish already familiar system? How do I do? Nice and easy …
There are special virtualization software for OS Microsoft Windows, DOS , GNU / Linux, Mac OS X and SUN Solaris / OpenSolaris. And now here is how to use one of them – VirtualBox.

Step One
Download and install the software VirtualBox.
When you first start a window with the license. Need to scroll it to the end and click “I Agree”.
Next will be a registration form which requires a user name and e-mail.

Step two
After all these procedures will be the window itself a virtual machine.
Push the button “create” to start the wizard to create a new virtual machine.
In the “Name” enter the name of the virtual machine. Here you can enter anything you like, but better than the OS name, you are creating.
In the “OS type” select the type of system you want to install. Principle the here did not choose, the choice depends on the preset settings that suit the OS. Click “Next.”
In the next window, select the requested amount of memory. You can leave the default, but if you have 1GB of RAM at least, it is best to put the 512MB. Click “Next.”
In this window suggests you specify an existing virtual disk or create a new one. Choose “create” click “Next” and the “image type” select “dynamically expanding image” (which means that the size of your virtual hard disk will depend on the data on it, but will not exceed the maximum size). Click “Next.”
In the next window, select the name and requested size image (VHD). Leave everything as it is here, and click “Next” twice and “ready.”  Virtual machine is created.

Step Three
Now it has to be set up.
Click “Properties” tab and CD / DVD – ROM put a tick “connect CD / DVD “and” enable direct access. ” If you have an ISO -image of the system you want to install, choose “file ISO -image “and set the path to it (only after you install do not forget to turn off the ISO -image, remove the checkmark, and it will always boot from the image).

Step Four
Everything. The virtual machine is created. You can run. When you start the download will be made ​​from a disc or ISO -image. You can install a new system. On your existing installation that does not show up. To fully delete a virtual disk, click “Remove” and then go to File → Virtual Disk Manager, select the desired system and remove it.
VirtualBox supports multiple systems, so no need to install a complete system only to look at it.

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