How To Upgrade Computer

Computer Hardware UpgradeComputer upgrade : An easy way that make your old computers will be fast again.
Replacement hardware, disk drives, memory and graphics card could be a good idea for optimizing the performance of your old pc. You just need a screwdriver and a few skill. It is more easy rather than upgrade the processor and motherboard (mainboard). Sensitive parts you should always install with caution.

Important : Make a plan and figure out what parts you should use. Not all graphics card that suits your motherboard. Look at the manual or check the manufacturer’s website on the internet about the exact specifications of the individual parts.

Computer  Tip : If you don’t know exactly what’s on your pc, you can use the program such as “Everest”. Which will shows you quickly and easily to the internal operation of computers. So you’re able to see if it includes Windows Vista-compatible hardware or a new game minimum requirements to be met.

Main memory
The Main memory (“RAM”) is the short-term memory of a computer. Programs and data are stored only temporarily in it. For Windows Vista You need at least one Gigabyte Memory. For Windows XP it should be 512 megabytes to work comfortably. Upgrading of Main memory is completed in minutes.


Add Hard Drive
As time passed, it’s now possible : programs, documents and games fill up your data Storage. An easy way is to add  an external hard drive, but it has many disadvantages to pc performance. An Internal Hard Drive offers more speed and easy installation.  Additionally, the pc usually has enough space for multiple hard drives.

Optical Drive
Do you have Optical Drive To download music, movies or data on CD / DVD burning? No? This is it! A super multi-DVD burner can write all the popular formats and is ideal for data backup.

Adding or replace VGA cardAdding or replace Graphics Cards

Graphics Card brings the image on the monitor. Depending on performance and specific model, the price can be quite good. Who wishes to play pc games more advanced graphics should not skimp on the graphics card. Although the installation is almost as simple as that main memory, but there are other points to consider : The slots available and the housing and power supply designed for the new model

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