How To Windows Xp Backup File

Unfortunately, computers (and particularly the hard disk drives that hold your files) can fail. Your computer might run for a decade with no problems, or it could fail tomorrow—there’s no way to tell. To make sure you don’t lose important files if your computer stops working, you should back up your computer on a regular basis. The backup process copies your files to a safe place so that even if your computer fails, you won’t lose them.

To back up your files to an external hard disk drive :

Step 1 : Start >>> All Program >>>  Accessories >> System Tools >>> Backup

Step 2 : Back Restore wizard >>> click Next

BackUP Wizard

Step 3 : Click Next

BackUP File And Setting

Step 4: All information on this computer >>> Next

all information

Step 5 : click Choose a place to save your backup >>> select your external hard disk drive >>> Next


Step 6 : Click Finish


Step 7 : Click Close


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