How To Windows XP Installation From USB

Currently netbook has a lot of  users, for regular affordable netbooks sold separately with  DVDwriter equipment. We have problem when the windows operating system error, or even to do a fresh install. Cdroom normally required. Installer cd can boot from CDroom. External CDroom equipment are expensive, using a USB flash drive as an installer for windows xp would be very useful and requires no additional cost.


Step 1 : Download WinToFlash

Step 2 : Run WinToFlash.exe

Step 3 : Click Windows SetUp Transfer Wizard

Step 4 : Setting Windows Fatch and USB Location

Windows Fatch And USB Location

Step 5 : Option Accept then click Continue

Accepted and Continue

Step 6 : Transfer Windows setup

Click Next

transfer windows setup

Step 7 : Done Click Exit

Step 8 : Boot Bios From USB

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