How To Clone HD Using Clonezilla Live USB

clonezilla storage cloning

I use desktop computer with specification: P4 2.0GHz,  Mmicrosoft Windows XP Profesioanl SP2, HDD IDE, Memory DDR2 512MB. Prepare your flashdisk/USB disk/Pendrive.  Download  Clonezilla at

How to make live USB

  1. format yours flashdisk using windows tool right click and click Format. Backup your data first before formatting the USB disk.
  2. Extract in to USB disk
  3. On USB disk drive at sub directori util/win32, klik file makeboot.bat. Make sure to choose and run makeboot.bat which LOCATED on USB disk, because if you run this file for another disk drive  your windows might be failed to load.

How to clone HD

clonezilla start

  1. setting bios > first boot system from USB.
  2. plug in the USB disk into USB port and then restart the system.
  3. choose:  en_us_vtf_8English (enter).
  4. choose: don’t touch keymap (enter).
  5. choose: start_clonezilla start clonezilla (enter).
  6. choose: device-device work directly from a disk or partition to disk or partition (enter).
  7. choose: Beginner Beginner mode accept the default option (enter).
  8. choose: disk_to_local_disk  local disk to local disk clone (enter).
  9. choose: local disk as source sda (master disk) – make sure sda or (primary master) set as source (enter). – cek id number on hd same as id that display in monitor.
  10. choose local disk as target sdb (enter).

Press “enter” to continue…

  1. are you sure want to continue [y/n] y (enter)
  2. will create table partition on the target machine [y/n] y (enter)
  3. do you want to clone boot loader [y/n] y (enter)
  4. now will start to clone data to the target machine are sure you want to continue? [y/n] y( enter)

note:  type y and then press enter

—- Waiting cloning processing —-

After cloning process completed, press enter to continue.

There are some options. Type “0” and then press enter to shutdown the machine.
[2] 0

System halted, shutdown your machine by pressing the power button.

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