HTTP 500 Internal Server Error Fix

500 internal server error
Did you ever get an error 500 Internal Server Error on your website.? Are you confused how to fix this error?
This tutorial will give a little insight to you about how do I fix http error 500 Internal Server Error.

There are 2 causes of http error “500 Internal Server Error“:

  1. Wrong permissions setting on files / folders in your webhosting
  2. Error on file. htaccess

How to fix 500 Internal Server Error?
First, check the error log. Here the Error Log menu on cPanel hosting.
error log 500 Internal Server Error

The log menu will be like this:
cpanel error log
In the case above, it can be seen that there is error in the file. htaccess. You should check your .htaccess file, and fix it.

If the 500 Internal Server Error still accured, then you must go to your file manager then check the file permission. Make sure the file permission on each file and folder is correct. Default permission for a single file is 644, while the default permission for a folder is 755.

Here the file manager preview and which items need to be checked :
file permission cpanel

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