Input Sound In Adobe Flash

Some people don’t understand how to give the sound on the flash file. In this flash tutorial, we will try it with simple methode. But the first, you must open Adobe Flash Software.

After you open it, change the size dimension into 100 x 150 (see at the picture 1).

And then make a sound symbol and in this tutorial we give sample picture. (see at the picture 2).

Block the image icon (smallbox-red). And then press F8 on your keyboard to convert into a symbol (convert to symbol), give a name “stop_btn” and select the button as shown below. (see at the picture 3)

Do same thing to “play symbol” image icon, and give a name “play_btn”, with button type. And then make a new frame in to image layer. (see at the picture 4)

Delete lines image on speaker image. (see at the picture 5)

Make a new layer with the name “action” and insert blank keyframe, and then prepare sound which you want input to this flash file with mport to library.(see at the picture 6)

Sound has import now, press F11 for open file which placed in Fash library. Drag that sound into stage on frame 1 at actions  (see at the picture 7).

Right click frame 1 on action layer and select actions. (see at the picture 8) Input this script :


On frame 2 input this script :

And then on frame 1 choose button stop, right click and input script :
on (release){

That all step, and press ctrl+enter for movie test now. Don’t forget to save.

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