Make A Shadow Object In Photoshop

In this tutorial, we will learn with Photoshop. And theme is make a shadow object.It is important when we move an object from one image to another image, and how to make more natural. There are steps:

1. Open the Photoshop and click : File/Open/ and select the image which want to edit. In this tutorial, use 2 images :

The Park Mekarsari Cileungsi

Robert Pattkinson

2. Selection object (Robert Pattinson), use the pen tool for selecting or by using selection techniques PATHS and CHANNELS

Selecting Object

3. Move object which selected with move tool to other object/image (The Park Mekarsari Cileungsi), and this is result:

Combination Images

4. Use transform by clicking CTRL + T to make smaller image. Adjust the lighting level by pressing CTRL + L to make more natural image.

Adjust The Lighting Level

5. We start shadow in here, Duplicate Layer 1 by Pressing CTRL + J, and we will have a Layer 1 copy. And then do transform with same methode (4).

Duplicate Object

6. After transform shadow completed, next step give a black color by click Layer/Layer Style/Color Overlay …select color black, then OK.

7. Decrease the “opacity”, in this example make to 55%, Fill 0%

Decrease Opacity

8. The final step, use “move tool” to move the shadow.Make nice to our onbject foot. Or we also can erase for more perfect preview by “Eraser Tool”. Check the results:

Result of Editing

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