Make A Text Shadow With Corel Draw

Corel Draw is one of Graphic Software. And in this tutorial we use version 7, so may be done differently with other versions, but not more. Drop shadows are not something you’d want to do in a vector based drawing software.

1. Make a new graphic and use “Text Tool” to write text on layout. Use the pick tool to select the text. In Format Text dialog box, use 50.0 points and use The Dauphin font.Picture 1 Text Image

2. Make a copy text until 3 and move at bottom. Or you can drag that text and then use right click.Picture 2 Copy Text

3. Change last copy color into a light gray color. You can choose color in right side of monitor. Move on bottom with so close in first text.Picture 3 Change Text Color

4. With “pick tool”, select both the light gray and the black copies.
Choose Effects, Blend to bring up the Blend menu. We left the default 20 steps and clicked Apply. You can look picture 4.Picture 4 Add Effect

5. The last step, Finally, select the last copy with “pick tool” and with it selected, changes thst color to blue color (for example). Move it into place over the blended copies to get a nice text. You can see a result at picture 5.Picture 5 Final Image

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