Make Contact Sheet With Photoshop

Sometime we have many photos of our friends. And we want make a contact sheet, but we don’t know how to make it with a simple methode. And in this tutorial we will make it with Photoshop.
Before we start, make same size and type (landscape/potrait) photo. And include into 1 folder. Now we use a sample, that is a girl image which take from grafisae studio.

1. Open Photoshop Software and then choose menu : File/Automate/Contact Sheet II. Make a same setting at the picture (you can use custom setting if you are advance).

Contact Sheet

2. On Source Image option click “browse” and then choose which image do you want edit. After that click OK. Check result of it at the picture.

 Contact Sheet With Image

3. Edit again to get more perfect position and name. You also can add a text and other for explain it. Finish…. Is it simple?

Add Text on Contact Sheet

—> On the caption same with file name, so make a true name for each photo.

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