Make Crack Text Effect By Corel Draw

This tutorial will help you. It discuss about how to make cracked text effect. You can use Corel DRAW 8.0 and some things may be done differently with other versions, but no problem, let’s try.

1. Make a new graphic and use “Text Tool” to write text  “Cracked” on layout. Use the pick tool to select the text. In Format Text dialog box, use in 100 point using Arial Black.Picture 1 Cracked Text

2.Select the Eraser Tool and adjust the size to 0.05 inches. Right size can give good effect for this project. And taht size is compatible with the 100 point text that we used.Picture 2 Font Size

You can do it againt until get nice effect which show at picture 3.Picture 3 Cracked Effect

3. For get more real, we will use Extrude Effect in Corel Draw. Go to menu: Effect/Extrude and set the “depth” in Extrude dialog box to 5, then click Apply. For this sample, final image show at picture 4.Picture 4 Final Image

That’s all, you can create other text and try to make diiferent result image. Have fun with Corel Draw.
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