Make Download Icon By Photohsop

You usualy press download icon/button for take or download file from website. That button has a link, which after you pressed, it will directed to download link.

1. Make a new file with custom size, Widht = 100 px, Height = 50 px, and resolution 72 pixel/inch. On “toolbox”, choose Rounded Rectangle Tool. Use at work area.

New File Custom

Result of Step 1

2. On the result of image, there was a outline. It cause that is shape with vector mask. Eras that line for easy work with rasterize layer (right click/rasterize).

Icon Detail

3. Add style effect for more attractive with menu : Windows/Style, and use “glass button” for this tutorial. Click on up-corner box style and choose glass button, then click “append” if on style menu, the glass button not show.

Add Style Effect

Glass Button Effect

4. Modify that effect (layer style), right click on “glass button” layer, then choose blending option. Add stroke effect : 1 pixel, bevel and emboss: depth 201%, size 4 pixel, soften 2 pixel. For more detail, look at the picture.

Modify Effect5. Save on JPEG extension.

6. Make shadow effect : open file which save before. Copy on work area, and move position same on the picture.

Duplicate Image7. Change Bottom Image Opacity into 30%.

Change Opacity8. Erase on bottom with “erase tool” for get result like on the picture.

Use Erase Tool9. Add text : download here. And finish.

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